Petro Poroshenko: Belarus remains among priorities for Ukraine


Petro Poroshenko: Belarus remains among priorities for Ukraine

Belarus is interested in developing close cooperation with Ukraine. The countries need to enter the markets of third countries with joint products. This was discussed at the talks of Alexander Lukashenko with his Ukrainian counterpart Petro Poroshenko.

The leaders held one-on-one talks and were then joined by their delegations. The parties had something to talk about. In 2016, the trade turnover amounted to approximately $4 billion. But this figure does not reflect the potential. Bet should be made for the development of cooperation ties, Alexander Lukashenko said. Now 13 joint assembly plants work in the two countries, with seven of them in Ukraine.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
We have much to strive for. We once had with you 8 billion dollars of turnover a year. Now we have not reached this level. But I am sure that it is possible to surpass it. Ukraine is our second largest trading partner, thank God. This is very beneficial for us. The first is Russia, the second is Ukraine. One is not far behind the other. I told you that we do not have any "allergy", we do not trade or make friends against someone, God forbid. We want to work together in distant countries too, create joint products and sell them. As for cooperation, we create enterprises for you, you create enterprises for us. We are ready to move in this direction and have absolutely no questions.
I would like to propose, Mr Poroshenko, and think you will agree. We are developing regional cooperation with Russia, with China, with big states. Perhaps, we need to work on the issue and gather such interregional forums? We can offer Gomel. You were there, you love this city.

Petro Poroshenko, Ukraine President:
I am sure that you are known in Ukraine as a statesman, aimed at the most effective and concrete result. I am convinced that the development of close relations with neighboring countries, first of all with Belarus, remains an important priority for us. The number of contracts signed today at the business forum alone has resulted in large sums, as we agreed back on April 26 and today. Although our friendship cannot be measured with money, it is very important that our countries receive concrete results on the basis of mutually beneficial cooperation.

As a result of negotiations between the heads of state, agreements were signed in the field of science, culture and interethnic relations.

There are prospects in other sectors: trade, investment, petrochemical complex, and agriculture. This was confirmed by both presidents in the final statement. The leaders also noted the friendliness of the meeting and the productivity of the talks.