Lebedev: We hope Ukraine will resume cooperation with CIS


Lebedev: We hope Ukraine will resume cooperation with CIS

The Executive Committee of the CIS expects Ukraine will resume full paricipation in the Commonwealth, said Chairman of the CIS Executive Committee Sergei Lebedev. Representatives of the Commonwealth countries gathered on July 20 at a meeting of the Council of Permanent Plenipotentiaries.

Currently, Ukraine is less involved in integration activities. However, Sergey Lebedev expressed his hope that steps to resume full-fledged cooperation within the framework of the CIS can be undertaken.

Sergei Lebedev, Chairman of the Executive Committee - CIS Executive Secretary:
Ukraine de jure remains in the CIS. Representatives of Ukraine are present at individual meetings held within the CIS. But, unfortunately, Ukraine's activity has sharply decreased. We very much hope that Ukraine will eventually resume its participation, because it meets the interests of both the entire Commonwealth and Ukraine itself.

The current meeting was held on the eve of the Council of Heads of State and the Council of Foreign Ministers of the CIS. In October, they will gather in Sochi. The agenda is already being formed. Presumably, ensuring the economic growth of the Commonwealth countries will be one of the main matters on the agenda.