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Belarusian polar explorers to go to Antarctica in December 2017

Belarusian polar explorers began preparations for the tenth Antarctic expedition. In early August, Belarus will select a team that will include six people, who will go to work on the coldest continent of the planet in December 2017.

24 people compete for the six places in the group. Candidates have to undergo psychological testing, medical examination and testing for professional fitness. Russian colleagues render huge logistical support to Belarusian polar explorers. They are summing up the results of joint work these days at an interdepartmental meeting in Minsk.

Alexei Gaidashov, head of the Belarusian expedition to Antarctica:
The next stage this year is also the laboratory and the residential section, which will already be a mini-laboratory and a living room for specialists. We are planning that this will be an expert in atmospheric physics. We want to study aerosol gas in the atmosphere and the ozone layer.

The development of the Antarctic station will allow Belarusian polar explorers to conduct continuous scientific activities in Antarctica in the near future. This will significantly reduce the cost of preparing the expedition.

Belarusian polar explorers to go to Antarctica in December 2017