Joint training of Belarusian and Chinese special forces

Joint training of Belarusian and Chinese special forces

The special forces of Belarus and the People's Police of China have completed the joint training.

The final demonstration performances were held at a training ground near Borisov.

The soldiers simulated a counter-terrorist operation. According to legend, militants captured a settlement and took refuge in buses. It took the military about half an hour to search and eliminate terrorists.

Dmitry Boyarovich, CTV:
It is interesting that the special forces operate in the combat duos and triples, in each of which there is a Belarusian and a Chinese fighter. They communicate in Russian and English - this is done specifically to achieve maximum interaction between the military personnel of the two countries.

The tactical background of the operation is exactly like the real one.

Yuri Karaev, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs - Commander of the Internal Troops of the Republic of Belarus:
Elements of the battle formation with such a special operation are very complex. To achieve such an interaction, they had only seven days.

In my opinion, the drills went very successfully, everything was fast, smooth, without a hitch.

During the seven days, the special forces of the two countries conducted fire and physical training as well as assault mountaineering. By the way, the Chinese shoot better, according to fighters. But there is no equal to Belarusian military in the melee.

SOBR fighter:
Comrades from the People's Republic of China are well developed physically. Their combat training is at a sufficiently high level. Everything is competently, clearly and confidently.

Chin Cho Peng, member of the Armed Police of the People's Republic of China:
I liked your food, especially potatoes with meat.

In general, your guys are very open. Not only in class, but in life too.

The commander of the Chinese armed forces observed the training. Wang Ning came to Belarus specifically for this.

Wang Ning, commander of the People's Armed Police of the PRC:
We note the great effect of the training. We have successes in fighting terrorism, but this is only the beginning.

Today during the talks we agreed that such exercises will become regular.

The exercise "United Shield" was held in Belarus for the first time. Military personnel from China will be offered tours of Belarus; the fighters have 5 days for them.