Orsha District still facing development issues

Orsha District still facing development issues

The development of the Orsha region has shown some positive trends. The government on July 18 discussed the fulfillment of the instructions of the head of state.

The number of unprofitable enterprises has decreased, the organizations fully repaid their arrears in salaries. Overall economic indicators have improved. There are shifts in industrial production, good results for builders and trade is growing.

Meanwhile, problematic issues do remain. First of all, the government pays attention to production. Among the enterprises that require a reset is Orsha Tool Factory.

Vladimir Vovk, Minister of Industry of the Republic of Belarus:
The Ministry of Industry has brought the level of its orders to 35%. We are looking for different options. We are working to improve technological processes, considering an investment project for the development of the plant for the next 3-5 years.

I'm sure that somewhere by the end of August we will come to understanding that we do need to conduct a serious technical re-equipment regarding the technology of manufacturing modern tools. We are going to make sure that the majority of Belarusian enterprises use domestic tools and equipment.

The government expects to attract investments to other problematic enterprises. In general, the measures planned to be implemented in the Orsha district should help bring the region to a qualitatively new level.