Union Shield 2017 antiterrorist operation held in Belarus


Union Shield 2017 antiterrorist operation held in Belarus

The joint antiterrorist drill was held by the special forces of Belarus and China. The final military performances were held on the range near Borisov.

The soldiers carried out an antiterrorist operation. According to the legend, militants captured a settlement and are hiding in uses. As many as two town buildings were the focus of attack. For the search and elimination of terrorist, the joint forces of Belarus and China needed about half an hour.

Yuri Karayev, Deputy Defense Minister - commander of internal troops of the Republic of Belarus:
The elements of military formation in a situation as with terrorists are very difficult. In order to cooperate, they needed only seven days. In my opinion, the drills were a success, everything went quick and well.

The Union Shield 2017 lasted for one week in Belarus. The special forces troops perfected the methods of countering terrorism. It is possible that such drills will become regular.