Bogdan Zdroyevsky about Belarus-EU relations


Bogdan Zdroyevsky about Belarus-EU relations

Belarus May play an active role in the renewal of the dialogue of the East and the West. This was discussed on July 18, 2017 at the meeting of Belarusian parliamentarians with European colleagues.

Deputies rom Germany, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland are in the foreign delegation. The side discussed the relations of the EU and Belarus. The main subjects of discussion were the relations of the EU and Belarus, elimination of obstacles on the way to closer cooperation.

The visit of European parliamentarians is held on the background of the OSCE PA, which took place in Minsk not so long ago. Besides the positive comments of the guests, the initiative of Belarus on launching the all European summit “Helsinki-2”.

Boleslav Pirshtuk, deputy chairman of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus:
Our relations are setting out to be rather positive, and we are starting to take off. Belarus has always been a reliable partner, not only from the point of view of social and economic stability in the region, but in other important European issues.

Bogdan Zdroyevsky, chairman of the European Parliament for relations with Belarus, deputy of the European Parliament from Poland:
In order to reach a constructive dialogue, it is necessary to develop relations between Belarus and European institutions. The positive dynamics are vividly seen in extra development support of the Bologna Process, phytosanitary control, certain progress within the joint monitoring over the quality of air and prevention of emergencies has been reached. Special attention is paid to the issues of cooperation within the Eastern Partnership and the Euronest.

The relations of Belarus and the EU have activated lately. This is the second official visit of the representatives of the European Parliament to Belarus. Politicians of the Old World look at Belarus as a convenient and reliable negotiation platform. Business is another important issue. The sides regularly meet at economic forums. Half of the foreign investments, attracted to the economy of Belarus, belong to the EU. What is more, Europe is the second important export market for Belarus.