Slavonic Bazaar 2017 ends in Vitebsk

Slavonic Bazaar 2017 ends in Vitebsk

The festival Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk is about to close. The main intrigue is whether anyone will win the grand prix of the festival this year. This is because the Belarusian and Ukrainian singers both have equal number of points in the festival’s main song contest.

Magnets with greetings from Vitebsk is one of the most popular souvenirs in Vitebsk's City of Masters these days. Evgeny Kutarkin prepared for Slavonic Bazaar five boxes of souvenirs, so that no guest is left without a gift. Tons of kebab, hundreds of kilograms of ice cream and kvass...

Guest of the festival:
Everything is delicious, the mood is beautiful! The weather is a little rainy but everything else is fine.

Slavonic Bazaar is not only a contest, but also more than a hundred events outside Vitebsk's Summer Amphitheater.

On July 17, Vitebsk police occupied the city's Victory Square to take part in the exhibition of retro cars, drift on police cars and traffic rules game for kids.

Konstantin Evmenov, participant of the competition:
We needed to perform four different tasks. I passed the traffic rules test without a mistake.

I got the bike license with the status "young driver".

Jimmy Helms and Jimmy Chambers, Londonbeat (UK):
We were impressed by the performance, it was fun, we were pleased to sing on such a stage! We are glad we have one more day left to see the city, perhaps take a walk.

Because we really liked Vitebsk.

Alexander Sidorenko, director of the International Arts Festival Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk:
Literally today or yesterday I got personal e-mails with offers regarding the 2018 Slavonic Bazaar. The festival does not stop for a single minute, for a single day.

And that's why we had a good result in 2017.

More than 60,000 spectators, with a dozen sold-out concerts. The number of residents of Vitebsk, the cornflower capital of Belarus, doubles during the festival.

Anastasia But, CTV:
The rhythm of Vitebsk during the festival is very difficult to keep up with. Even the clock on the city hall did not cope with the emotions and stopped for an hour. The confusion once again reminded that Slavonic Bazaar is beyond time.