CSTO Foreign Ministerial meeting held in Minsk


CSTO Foreign Ministerial meeting held in Minsk

On July 17, 2017 Alexander Lukashenko met with the foreign ministers of the CSTO. After THE meeting with the President the participants of the dialogue headed for the Foreign Ministerial meeting. A range of announcements was made. The sides confirmed the intention to cooperate in the border security sector.

In the nearest time concrete suggestions on the issue will be developed. Meanwhile, the main aim of the CSTO must be not the reaction on external threats, but the formation of beneficial external conditions. It will permit to effectively protect the interests of the CSTO and to strengthen the image and the authority of the organization on the international arena.

Vladimir Makei, Foreign Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
As a result of the meeting a document on the ongoing dismantling of memorials in the memory of the Red Army soldiers was signed. The second statement of Minsk CSTO Foreign Ministerial Council is dedicated to the measures of information security.

Sergei Lavrov, Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation:
From all the decisions I will emphasize the joint statements, which will be made by our countries at the UN meetings and of other international organizations. The statements cover a wide range of issues, including the situation in Syria, in the Middle East and as a whole, problems, which are connected with the situation in Afghanistan and around it, counterterrorism, drug combating.

The issues which were looked into by the ministers will be put forward for discussion at the CSTO session. The meeting is expected to be held at the end of 2017 in Minsk.