Why are Ukrainians grateful to President Lukashenko?


Why are Ukrainians grateful to President Lukashenko?

Many Ukrainians came to Belarus in the last couple of years. Ukraine says thank you to Belarus for the support and for the peace keeping mission.

A visit of Alexander Lukashenko is planned Kiev during the week. Presidents of the two countries will surely discuss political issues. It is not easy for Ukraine at the moment.

Tamara Pchelkina, resident of Repki village (Ukraine):
It is nice hear. Trees, forests, blueberries. The problem is that it is too expensive here. I cannot buy nor do anything with the money I get.

However, it is not the money that matters.

Tamara Pchelkina, resident of Repki village (Ukraine):
The most important thing is peace. We had a boy buried here. He was the only child in the family.

Kiev residents:
War is a topical issue today. When will it end?

Oleg Sidorenko, Kiev resident:
I argued with my sister because of this war, we stopped talking to one another.

The military actions in the East of Ukraine did not kill any of his relatives, but he fell out with his relatives. Oleg is for settlement of conflict.

Oleg Sidorenko, Kiev resident:
Where should we gather now? We, the Slavs, must think of our own thing.

The uneasy situation in the Eastern part of Ukraine will be discussed by the Presidents of Belarus and Ukraine during the upcoming meeting.

Anton Finko, political expert:
The policy of Minsk and mitigation within the OSCE was and still is the factor of de-escalation in the Donbass region.

War is war, but people need money to go to the shop. More than half of pensioners in the country get less than 100 BYN per month.

Kiev resident:
How should I pay for the flat? The tariffs on hot water, gas are high.

Meetings are held in the streets of Kiev. People are for rendering inviolability from the deputies.

Participant of the meeting:
Corruption has absorbed the country.

Yelena Belokur, Kiev resident:
We are used to seeing things happen every day.

Young mother Yelena lived in Ukraine from birth, but by blood she is Belarusian. Her parents are from Zhlobin, and she herself got married to a man from Kiev. She remembers about Belarus when she goes shopping in Ukraine.

Yelena Belokur, Kiev resident:
We eat Belarusian dairy products, I use Belarusian mascara. Therefore, I am happy that many Belarusian products are exported to Ukraine.

Belarusian products can be praised endlessly. However, one thing that attracts the eye is “Belarusian” sausages. May be it is an exclusive export product?

Don’t they sell sausages like these ones in Belarus?

Her fridge is full of Belarusian products. The house of Tatiana is literally on the border with Belarus. She remembers when she used to go swimming near Gomel and she even thought about moving to Belarus in the hard times.

Tatiana Vasilyevna:
It was easier for people to study in Belarus, only 25 km away. We could live there, we were given houses.

Alla moved from Ukraine to Belarus together with her fiancé. She could not find a job in Minsk, but she managed to in Smolevichi.

Alla Ostapenko, nurse at Smolevichi central district hospital:
They needed nurses. I was welcomed well, everyone wanted to help.

Her family stayed in Ukraine and they do not want to leave Ukraine until there is hope for things to get better. However, her sisters are coming to visit her this summer. And she already knows what to tell them.

Alla Ostapenko, nurse at Smolevichi central district hospital:
We are not afraid to live in Belarus. I like it here. The only problem is the weather; it is a bit cold for me. We have a job and we are sure in tomorrow.

Of course, Alla wants to return back home. And she believes that her country will overcome the difficulties no matter how hard it will be.