Geography of Belarusian export

Geography of Belarusian export

Another interesting piece from the conversation between our reporter Yana Shipko and Mikhail Gusman. Mikhail remembered the recent visit of President Lukashenko to the office of ITAR-TASS in Moscow. Remembered with taste.

Mikhail Gusman, first deputy general director of the TASS news agency:
By the way, when Alexander Lukashenko came to visit us in TASS, he, I will open such a small secret, specially brought us refreshments, all kinds of food. Meat and cheeses. People were delighted, just ecstatic. I cannot convey in words.

Not only foodstuffs but any other products from Belarus are popular in the world. Perhaps, we will see times when everything on the Times Square will be filled with Belarusian advertising. The main thing is to find a buyer. This was discussed at the meeting of Belarusian ambassadors with the President of Belarus.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
It is necessary to take advantage of this unique situation, when the world economy begins to revive. We did not abandon anything, we did not shut down any businesses. And this is their chance. As you saw those who try their best do sell products. Everything can work here. Just give a normal presentation and quality.

The goods are popular. The main thing is to learn how to sell them. This is the key idea.

Our correspondent Anastasia Benedysyuk talked with ambassadors about Belarusian export.

This Belarusian development allows not only to see what is hidden under the clothes of a person, but even to look inside it. In just seven seconds. This is the innovative personal scanner. It can be used at air harbors and seaports, nuclear power plants and mines.

70 countries are under this Belarusian protection today. This equipment allows detecting not only mere smuggling but also tumors. This breast cancer allows detecting breast cancer at an early stage.

Konstantin Sosenko, technical director of a company:
And we managed to implement this thanks to a patented technology. This breast scanner is significantly cheaper than many analogues.

Russia, the countries of Latin America and Africa and India. This enterprise can be called a global innovation workshop.

Vladimir Linev, General Director of an enterprise, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences:
The enterprise includes a research and development center and a design center. Approximately 60-70% of the products that we supply have been created in the last three years.

One of the largest sales markets for Belarusian medical equipment and search systems is the United States, the UK and China. In general, the USA is more interested in Belarus today. Potash fertilizers are popular with American farmers, birch sap with among adherents of a healthy lifestyle.

Pavel Shidlovsky, Charge d'Affaires of Belarus in the USA:
Birch sap is really unique for the USA, because there are almost everything in the American market, but birch sap is not represented in sufficient quantities. And we are working on promoting this product on the American market.

The USA's main imports from Belarus are steel pipes, Bellegprom clothing and fiberglass. Among other promising areas of Belarus' export to the USA are tires and nitrogen fertilizers.

Another trading partner of Belarus is the United Kingdom. Belarus exports 130 commodity items. Today, British people sleep on Belarusian beds, eat Belarusian cottage cheese and cheeses. By the way, every 10th tractor in the world is Belarus.

Sergey Aleinik, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Belarus to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland:
In principle, the UK is a large and capacious market for agricultural machinery. As you know, the competition there is also quite high. Nevertheless, we have a small niche on the British market today. And we plan to expand it.

Traditionally, most of the Belarusian exports to the European market are raw materials. For now. In recent months, for example, France has increasingly been buying Belarus' food products: vegetables and fruits as well as clothes, furniture and even houses.

Pavel Latushko, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Belarus to the French Republic:
We have already signed a contract for $1 million for the supply of Belarusian homes to France. In fact, today we can already talk about several streets that are built of Belarusian houses.

80% of these houses are exported. In addition to the French, these cozy houses are bought in Russia, Poland and Lithuania. They are assembled like constructor.

Ruslan Yesin, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Belarus to Japan:
The Brest enterprise is very active in the Japanese direction. Today children's toys are very popular in Japanese shops.

Belarusian semiconductors are popular in Korea. There is even a joint venture in this area. Leading automakers use Belarusian components in their cars.

Andrei Popkov, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Belarus in the Republic of Korea:
There are steady supplies that grow from year to year. These are our lasers, optics. We have a new direction - the delivery of services. Computer services and the development of a flash memory system annually, give us an increase in the amount of up to 10 million dollars.

Belarus and China are developing, among other things, educational and tourist cooperation.

Kiryl Rudy, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Belarus to the People's Republic of China:
They say that Belarusians have taught the Chinese to drink milk. We got into a trend of white milk. There is a certain image of the Belarusian milk as the most pure, quality one. Therefore, the Chinese prefer imported goods. Let's put it this way, out of 20 milk suppliers we can be in the top three, according to Chinese companies. And from this Monday we can also supply beef and poultry.

Alexei Yanchuk, Production Manager of Belcommunmash Holding Management Company:
This electric bus is fully developed by our company, where Belarusian materials are used as much as possible.

Ecologically clean hybrid bus and trolleybus. The charge on the end station takes only five minutes. Minsk is already using one such e-bus. These vehicles are ordered in Moscow and Belgrade. In general, almost all trolleybuses in Belgrade are produced by Belarus' Belkommunmash.

Behind is Kiev, this is Moscow and Chisinau. The geography of supplies at this enterprise is quite wide. Up to 40 vehicles come off the assembly line in a month here. 80% of them are exported.

Vladimir Korol, director general of Belkommunmash holding company:
There is such a vector as both Iran and India. They require personal manufacture of equipment. For India, say, we need the right wheel. These are very serious expenses. But taking into account the prospects of the market, we are ready for this.