Alexander Lukashenko meets with chairman of Belarus' Supreme Court

Alexander Lukashenko meets with chairman of Belarus' Supreme Court

On July 17, Alexander Lukashenko received the chairman of the Supreme Court. Valentin Sukalo reported to the President on the work of the unified judicial system. It was decided to improve it three years ago.

This was done to increase the effectiveness of not only the judicial, but the entire law enforcement sphere. Changes affected courts, judicial authorities, and forensic examination. One of the main innovations is the unification of courts of general jurisdiction with economic ones. Alexander Lukashenko asked Mr. Sukalo about the results of the reforms done. As was stressed at the meeting, the judicial system today is stable and manageable. This is one of the main results of the judicial reform.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
What worries me the most is the unification of our courts.

The second question is how the building of our Supreme Court building is going. And other issues that I control, as well as criminal cases. Your point of view and your assessment of the activities of your colleagues - those who bring criminal cases to courts - especially criminal ones, and others. Maybe some trends. Perhaps some dangerous tendencies are taking place, proceeding from those cases that come to economic courts.

Valentin Sukalo, Chairman of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus:
Three years have shown that, in general, that all major problems have been solved. I mean in terms of unity of judicial practice, unity of judicial policy. These three years have shown that we have adapted.

The new Palace of Justice should be modern, and most importantly functional. It will be located near the Independence Palace along Orlovskaya Street in Minsk.