Chris de Burg performs at Slavianski Bazaar 2017 in Vitebsk

Chris de Burg performs at Slavianski Bazaar 2017 in Vitebsk

"Slavonic Bazaar" is a small life in itself, to use Oleg Mitiaev's words. Diverse and interesting life, with its currency, traditions and secrets. The native Vitebsk resident and our journalist Yana Shipko shares impressions about the festival with us.

Zara, singer (Russia):
For a long time I dreamed about this invitation. To give a solo concert in the framework of "Slavonic Bazaar", namely in the Summer Amphitheater. I've dreamt about it since 18 when I first took part in the Slavonic Bazaar.

Zara's solo concert opened the festival's program.

Zara, singer (Russia):
I have long loved the song "Kupalinka", it's in my heart, I love it very much. When my children were very small they fell asleep to this song.

Georgia-born Russian singer Tamara Gverdtsiteli won this year's award Through Art to Peace and Understanding. She received a personal star on Alley of Stars in Vitebsk.

Together with the People's Artist of Russia and Georgia, Belarus' Maria Magilnaya received an award from the President. The Belarusian won the Grand Prix of the children's song contest held just before Slavianski Bazaar. Perhaps, "Slavic Bazaar" will become her springboard into the big music world.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
And it is very symbolic that we have on our stage this great life and the life that is just beginning. God give her the same talent as the one of Tamara Gverdtsiteli.

Slavianski Bazaar is also a place for world famous singers.

Chris de Burg, singer (Ireland):
You look wonderful. I'm very pleased to perform here. Fantastic audience. Beautiful TV picture. Everything is very professional. I walked around the city a bit and tried your cuisine. I saw your amazing church. I took these fruits with me for breakfast.

The reverse side of the Summer Amphitheater. Fans are here in any weather. They are waiting for their idols.

Photios, singer (Russia):
I love Belarus and people who are always very hospitable.

Alekseev, singer (Russia):
All artists know that the local public is very hospitable.

Alexander Panayotov, singer (Russia):
I'm for the love of fans. They gave me a basket of flowers and gifts.

Jasmin, singer (Russia):
Today we even managed to go to the supermarket to buy food. Tomorrow we will taste. We bought Belarusian kefir and cottage cheese.

Natasha Koroleva, singer (Russia):
You know, your festival is terrific. The atmosphere that reigns here - peace, friendship, and love - is worth a lot in our very difficult time. And I would very much like to bow down to Alexander Lukashenko. This is your merit.

The bronze medalists of the Eurovision Song Contest - Moldovan SunStroke Project - became worried after learning that the Moldovan president will be at the concert.

SunStroke Project band (Moldova):
A great impression of the city, it is very beautiful and clean. We have the same impressions from the contest itself. We always wanted to take part in it. We were very pleased that our president saw us. It was very proud that he saw our performance. Before that he saw our performances only on TV.

Slavianski Bazaar has long become an international event which features singers not only from Slavic countries. Julio Iglesias Jr. brought a piece of Spanish culture. This is his first time in Belarus.

Julio Iglesias, singer (Spain):
I am very happy to spend these days in Belarus. I'm here for the first time and I like the stage, the audience, the wonderful people in your country. Terrific. I hope to return here next year.

London Beat, (Great Britain):
This is a magical and grandiose forum! We are delighted with Vitebsk and the public. The festival makes us feel part of something special. It's like a family.

Jimmy is a vegan so it's not that simple for him to find appropriate food.

Jimmy, London Beat:
For dinner I had a salad and borscht, very tasty. I ate vegetables and rice to replenish energy reserves.

NA-NA band (Russia):
We plan to purchase Belarusian cheeses, sausages, delicacies, chocolates, and sweets.

Kevin McCoy, singer (USA):
I'm here with my friend Yana. I am happy to be here and I cannot wait to meet the Belarusian audience again.

Slavonic Bazaar continues to gather friends from all over the world.