Belarus President: Consolidation is only means of countering global challenges


Belarus President: Consolidation is only means of countering global challenges

Strengthening the influence of the CSTO in the international arena is in the priority of Belarus' chairmanship, said President Alexander Lukashenko on July 17 at a meeting with the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the CSTO member states.

During the existence of the CSTO, a multifunctional structure has been created with an effective tool for countering international problems. However, one cannot stop at what has been achieved.

Talking with the heads of foreign ministries, the Belarus President once again stressed that the situation in the world is alarming.

Only by combining efforts can one effectively resist the challenges and threats of modernity.

Problems common to all countries are terrorism, drug trafficking, illegal migration, and human trafficking. To think about security is necessary not only from the military, but also from the political point of view. In this regard, the head of state drew attention to the role of diplomacy. To avoid forceful resolution of contentious issues, diplomats must demonstrate their skills.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
Recently, I have met with the defense ministers, secretaries of the security councils of the CSTO member states as the country presiding in this organization this year. We discussed in detail and outlined the directions in which it is important to focus: the strengthening of the military component of the Organization, consolidation of forces in counteracting the most acute challenges of our time, including terrorism, drug trafficking, illegal migration, human trafficking, and cybercrime. The list can be continued.

In the current crisis of international relations, the role of diplomacy has multiplied, It is diplomats who must demonstrate their skills in order not to give the slightest opportunity to resort to forceful resolution of contentious issues.

The task of diplomacy is to create prerequisites for convergence of positions of all stakeholders and for the development of coordinated approaches. Only on the basis of consolidation of efforts is it possible to really effectively counter global challenges and threats. Therefore, the priority of Belarus' chairmanship in the CSTO is the qualitative strengthening of the influence of our Organization in the international arena.