Why did Belarusians come to Minsk from all over the world?


Why did Belarusians come to Minsk from all over the world?

Another important event in Belarus - the 7th congress of Belarusians of the world.

Belarusians, who live abroad, have a 25-year-old tradition to gather in Minsk once every four year, discuss topical issues, to talk to fellow compatriots and simply visit native land.

Valentina Shevchenko (Canada):
Belarus lives inside you. Even if you live abroad, you are a Belarusian anyway.

Inna Snarskaya (Ukraine):
Every participant will tell you practically the same thing. We are like streams, which flow into one big river, into the river of our Belarus.

Each stream has its own history. Yuras moved to the US 10 years ago. He is building his business there- developing Belarusian IT start-ups. He is convinced that it is the most popular product today.

Yuras Zenkovich (USA):
The situation today and 10 years ago cannot be compared. May be that is why I decided to move forward my business, in Belarus as well.

Businessmen, teachers, culture workers and others came to the congress, despite the distance from their native land, they participate in Belarus’ life.

Vladimir Makei, Belarus’ Foreign Minister:
Different people came to this congress. Each Of the people has his own point of view, his own approaches, estimates and situations in Belarus and around Belarus. It does not mean that we must orientate at some confrontation. The word “together” was mentioned. Together we must strengthen the independence of Belarus and build our country. Everyone can do it on his place: in the sectors of economy, culture and other spheres.

Anna Mazur, chairwoman of “Belarusian cultural union of Moldova” public organization:
I would want least of all to disappear as Belarusians. Therefore, the issue of carrying out some events was brought up, so that my children can inherit Belarusian traditions, and find those people, who would be interested in it. It seems that it is not possible not to miss your motherland.