Igor Dodon: Level of Belarus' industry is a dream for Moldova

Igor Dodon: Level of Belarus' industry is a dream for Moldova

Two million ethnic Belarusians are scattered around the world - this is official statistics. But if you take into account unreported descendants, I think, the figure will be several times more. Even the family of American President Donald Trump has Belarusian roots.

Belarus also has many diasporas. Igor Dodon, who arrived from Chisinau, met in Minsk with his Moldovan diaspora. The President of Moldova came to Belarus on a working visit, saw a number of enterprises and, of course, had a meeting with Alexander Lukashenko. Ekaterina Zhilyanina has all details.

The previous meeting of Alexander Lukashenko and Igor Dodon was held three months ago, in mid-April in Bishkek. And now the two presidents shook hands again.

Vitebsk. The Belarusian leader welcomes his counterpart from Moldova. The peculiarity of this meeting: before sitting down at the negotiating table, Igor Dodon spent two days in Belarus getting familiar with the opportunities and achievements of Belarus, the culture and traditions of its people.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
You looked at Belarus yourself, you felt it, in industry, in agriculture. You visited cultural sites. You saw how we treat memory. We do not just publicize or tell how miserable we are and how difficult it was for us during WWII. We keep this memory. Such a prelude to this meeting is very valuable. I can already talk with you as a person who knows Belarus. I emphasize once again: if we can do something for Moldova (we always did it), we are ready for you at any time to do whatever you want, if it is within our power. Everything you saw, from industrial tractors, BelAZ trucks, MAZs, and agricultural enterprises.

The visit program included enterprises engaged in machine building and agriculture. MTZ, MAZ, Belkommunmash, the agricultural enterprise Dzerzhinsky... The Moldovan diaspora in Belarus, business circles and statesmen. Igor Dodon immediately notes: the Belarusian path can become an example for his own country. There are also ideas for joint implementation. There is something to discuss and work on.

Igor Dodon, President of the Republic of Moldova:
It's right that we did the program that way. First we visited enterprises. Remember, we discussed this in Bishkek. Back then this was only theory because we had not been at those enterprises. I said that I was very glad that you were able to keep all this and raise it to a new level. I saw this all in real life. We have much to learn. I saw companies in the European Union and you, of course, saw them. But the level to which the whole industry of Belarus has risen is only a dream for Moldova at this stage. We intend to launch some joint projects.

In the evening, after the talks, the two presidents headed for the opening of the Slavonic Bazaar festival, the traditional music and dance festival. For Alexander Lukashenko, this is a long tradition. His appearance on stage was much awaited.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Dear friends! We again gathered at a wonderful festival of art and friendship "Slavianski Bazaar." It is of the same age as our sovereign and independent Belarus. Over these years it has become a real pearl of the international festival movement and the business card of Belarus. Let this celebration of music always remain the standard of true culture, a life-giving source of joy and inspiration. I wish you all happiness and prosperity. I would be glad that your relatives and your children never upset you. I declare the XXVI International Festival of Arts "Slavic Bazaar" open.

The guest from Moldova also rose on stage to greet the Belarusians and guests of the Slavonic Bazaar.

Igor Dodon:
Good evening, Vitebsk! Hello, Belarus! Greetings, brothers. It is my great honor to greet you on behalf of the country's leadership, on behalf of the Moldovan people for the first time in 26 years of this competition. We are connected by a lot of things. We have a common victory in the Great Patriotic War, we have always been friends and I am sure that we will always have friendly relations. I want to wish all the participants success, good luck. We will cheer for everyone, from any country. Once again, good luck. Thank you!

By the way, Russian President Vladimir Putin sent greetings to the guests of the festival, and diplomats from many other countries attending the event. It is one of the main tasks of the festival: to unite peoples, strengthen ties between states and promote peace in Slavic lands.