Youth Day at Slavonic Bazaar July 15

Youth Day at Slavonic Bazaar July 15

July 15, 2017 was dedicated to youth at the Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk.

For the whole day the city turned into an international youth capital. Interactive platforms, dance battles and marathons, DJ competitions and a strength extreme tournament. Everything was held with national colours.

Alexandra Gushch, Viktoria Patyukhova, Natalia Petrova:
Belarusian symbols are fashionable, stylish and for youth.

And we, Belarusian beauties, wear these clothes with pleasure.

Iren Mozurunem, participant of the 26th International music festival “Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk” (Nigeria):
The Slavonic Bazaar is an international competition, to which people come from all over the world, to demonstrate their individuality, their originality.

We are happy to be here.