Vladimir Makei at 7th congress of Belarusians of world


Vladimir Makei at 7th congress of Belarusians of world

Minsk is hosting the 7th congress of Belarusians of the world.

Belarusians, representatives of diasporas abroad arrived in Belarus’ capital. Talking to the participants of the forum, Belarus’ Foreign Minister, Vladimir Makei, urged them to develop national culture, the language and traditions.

Vladimir Makei believes that Belarusian diaspora is big power, which can defend and move forward the interests of Belarus abroad.

Vladimir Makei, Belarus’ Foreign Minister:
Different people came to this congress. Each Of the people has his own point of view, his own approaches, estimates and situations in Belarus and around Belarus. It does not mean that we must orientate at some confrontation. The word “together” was mentioned.

Together we must strengthen the independence of Belarus and build our country.

Everyone can do it on his place: in the sectors of economy, culture and other spheres. It is very important.

The congress of Belarusians of the world was held in Minsk in 1993 for the first time. From then on Minsk held the forum once in every four years. The aims of the forum are establishment of economic, cultural relations between Belarusian diasporas and Belarus, information support to Belarusians living abroad.