National identity features in summer Minsk 2017


National identity features in summer Minsk 2017

Minsk blossomed with the onset of the summer. The biggest flower compositions of the city are located near ​​Lenin Street, Yakub Kolos Square, Masherov Avenue, Uruchye Park and Victory Square. Each district has developed two special flower beds.

Particular attention in designing flower beds was paid to national motives. The flower arrangement on Victory Square is made of elements of the Belarusian ornament depicted on the flag.

Anzhelika Puzankova, Service for Improvement and Maintenance of Park Facilities, Minskzelenstroi:
Near ​​Yakub Kolas Square, there are elements of the Slutsk Belts; we use two types of violas to associate with these embroidery. On Masherov Avenue we have Belarusian birds, which women embroidered on towels and blouses. This theme will continue to be used. There is an element of Slutsk belts in the park Yanka Kupala too.

The Ferris wheel, the National Library, the Church of Saints of Semion and Helena, the obelisk on Victory Square and Minsk Arena - all this is combined in one flower arrangement located in the square of Starostinskaya Sloboda (skvier Starascinskaja Slabada).

The national ornament, which can be admired throughout the whole year, is located near the obelisk of the stela "Minsk - Hero City".

National designs adorn Minsk houses too. The first such mural was "The girl in shirt with embroidery", which became one of the most popular ethnic compositions.

A high-rise building along Pavlina Myadelka Street is another example of national identity reflected in murals. The bright ornament on the house is visible from afar and attracts passers-by.


This area of Minsk is only being built up and maybe several similar houses will appear here soon.