Moldova President: We can learn much from Belarus


Moldova President: We can learn much from Belarus

Just a few hours before the official opening of "Slavonic Bazaar" in Vitebsk, the Presidents of Belarus and Moldova held a meeting.

The leaders of the two countries discussed the development of bilateral cooperation. Political and economic ties, industrial cooperation, as well as interaction within the framework of integration associations were among the major topics.

As Alexander Lukashenko said during the talks, Belarus is ready at any moment to do everything that Moldova would like. This applies to a variety of areas - from agriculture to the social sphere.

In turn, Igor Dodon stressed that his current visit to Belarus exceeded all his expectations.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Very hardworking people, like Belarusians. But the peculiarity of your visit is that you looked at Belarus.

You literally felt it: in industry, in agriculture, you visited cultural sites.

You saw how we treat memory. We do not just publicize or tell how miserable we are and how difficult it was for us during WWII. We keep this memory. We do not have a single forgotten monument. I yesterday visited my mother's cemetery, and there are several graves of Soviet soldiers. And everywhere everything is cleaned and painted at such sites.

You visited the museum of the Great Patriotic War. I was very interested in seeing you there, and you saw it. We built this new museum of the Great Patriotic War about three years ago. I can say that there are no such museums in Europe. Well, no one builds them already. This is a testimony to our relationship to memory, to those who died. Still, we lost one third of the population back then. And such a prelude to our meeting is very valuable.

I can already talk with you as a person who knows Belarus.

Therefore, I am very grateful to you that you visited us. And once again I stress: if we can do something for Moldova (we always did it), we are ready at any time to do for you whatever you want, if it is in our power. Everything you saw, from industrial tractors, BelAZ trucks, MAZs, and agricultural enterprises. To milk, feed, plow, grow, feed people, dress people - you are welcome.

If you stay with us... You do not even need to move anywhere, the governor in the Vitebsk region will show you the enterprises of the highest level. Moreover, they are directly connected with people and which could be very necessary for Moldova.

Igor Dodon, President of the Republic of Moldova:
You know, Moldova has a lot to learn, I say it honestly, openly. I saw companies in the European Union and you, of course, saw them. But the level of industrial development at which Belarus finds itself now is only a dream for us at this stage. We intend to more deeply launch some joint projects in some areas.

There are good ideas. They concern both industrial enterprises and agriculture.

I think that after this working visit we will be able to raise our bilateral relations to a new qualitative level. It is very important for us to continue our cooperation in the framework of international organizations.