Participants of World Congress of Russian Press to visit Vitebsk July 13

Participants of World Congress of Russian Press to visit Vitebsk July 13

The World Congress of the Russian Press continues its work in Belarus. On July 13, participants of a major forum will visit Vitebsk.

The central event of the congress on July 12 was a plenary session where more than two hundred Russian-speaking journalists and experts from all over the world discussed topical issues facing the modern media. Belarus leader Alexander Lukashenko also took part in the plenary meeting. Addressing the meeting participants, the head of state noted that today professionalism and honesty in the work of journalists acquires special significance.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
You have come to a country which people honor, respect, talk and think in Russian. We are, of course, are very pleased that we have done a lot to raise the Belarusian language to the same level as the Russian language. We are doing a lot, and this should not alarm you at all. This is our heritage. I have already told President Putin about this. I said: "See how rich the Belarusian people are? It is not only the Russian language they know. And you do not know the Belarusian language."

It is our own heritage. It's even more; it's what's inside of us. To lose Russian today is to lose your history, your modernity and (I am convinced) you own future.

I think in the age when information technology is developing at a fast pace, when life is so fast, you cannot waste time on problems (Russian, Belarusian or English and so on) because you can lose the main thing. For this reason it is necessary to use all languages.

Vitebsk these days will host the traditional festival of songs Slavonic Bazaar. It opens on July 13. It's expected that the Belarusian President will partake in the opening ceremony.