Belarus plans to supply fish to China

Belarus plans to supply fish to China

China is opening the market for Belarusian meat products - frozen beef and chicken. On July 10, the sides agreed the deal in Minsk. Deliveries will start in the coming weeks. In the meantime, the sides are studying the possibility of deliveries to China of Belarusian carp fish.

Leonid Zayats, Agriculture and Food Minister of Belarus:
The Chinese consumer approved of Belarus as a food producer and gave the opportunity to supply to the Chinese market that part of food products that is very popular. They noted the high culture of production, processing, very high control over the quality of our raw materials and final products.

Chinese veterinarians have even simplified certain stages of certification.

Before the agreements were signed, the head of the relevant Chinese department admitted that this was an exceptional case.

Zhi Shuping, Minister of the State Administration for Quality Control, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China:
China and Belarus are friendly countries, strategic partners. And now there are very active mutual deliveries.

We would like your goods to enter our market so that our people can taste safe and quality Belarusian products.

In general, Belarusian beef today is exported to tens of countries, but until this day, China was not among them. In total, Belarus exports more than 135,000 tons of meat a year, which makes Belarus seventh in the world.

Sergei Zagorsky, deputy director of Mogilev meat-packing plant:
Chinese delegations visited our enterprises several times. In principle, our quality requirements are the same as those of the Chinese side. Therefore, we did not have to rebuilt processes that much.

Beef volumes of about 400 tons per month are at stake.

Now the Chinese side has given us the assortment list, what their market needs.

Thus, with the opening of the Chinese market, Belarus can significantly diversify exports. After all, before that, in fact, the main consumer was Russia. 21 Belarusian dairy exporters have been allowed to supply beef to China, while five more will export poultry meat. The border is also open for 36 domestic dairies. Dry whey, skim and whole milk, butter, and cheeses are on the export list.

In the five months of 2017 Belarus earned on milk about two million dollars, the amount equal to the revenue for the entire year 2016!

Alexei Bogdanov, head of the Foreign Trade Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Belarus:
What is interesting, we deliver to China in our Belarusian packaging. Just on top is the sticker, already in Chinese. This approach in the sale of milk is successful in China, because Chinese people perceive imports as quality goods. They know a lot about Belarus.

The Ministry of Agriculture of Belarus has already announced new supplies: the exports of river fish - carp and pikeperch - is being considered.

Alexander Subbotin, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus:
Chinese New Year is traditionally the time when people give each other frozen carp. Since the number of families is huge, the need for carp is sufficient. We can supply some. A big step has already been taken, and the next small step is probably the exports of freshwater fish.