Aleksei Volin: Mass Media should impart skills and basics of information hygiene to people

Aleksei Volin: Mass Media should impart skills and basics of information hygiene to people

The responsibility of journalists for every written word, the place and the role of mass media in the modern society- the big talk united more than 250 journalists in Minsk.

Minsk is hosting the XIX Russian Press World Congress.

Alexander Lukashenko took part in the main day of the forum. He shared his opinion on the role and place of the Russian language in Belarus’ history.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
You have come to a country which people honor, respect, talk and think in Russian. We are, of course, are very pleased that we have done a lot to raise the Belarusian language to the same level as the Russian language. We are doing a lot, and this should not alarm you at all. This is our heritage. I have already told President Putin about this. I said: "See how rich the Belarusian people are? It is not only the Russian language they know. And you do not know the Belarusian language." It is our own heritage. It's even more; it's what's inside of us. To lose Russian today is to lose your history, your modernity and (I am convinced) you own future. I think in the age when information technology is developing at a fast pace, when life is so fast, you cannot waste time on problems (Russian, Belarusian or English and so on) because you can lose the main thing.

For this reason it is necessary to use all languages.

The media forum is held in Belarus for the second time. For some of the participants this is not the first visit to Belarus. Therefore, they shared their impressions about Belarus.

Sergei Tokarev, director general of a publishing house (the United Arab Emirates):
Despite the fact that there is no oil in Belarus, thanks to the hard work and approach of people to their land, Belarus for me looks no worse than Dubai, where I live.

Wonderful architecture, many new buildings, everything is green. I am impressed.

Iscander Kfuri, head editor of “East” magazine:
You stayed united, Belarus stayed as one state. It is very important.

Belarus managed to protect its people and stand up to terrorism.

Zoya Vasilyeva, videoportal director (the Netherlands):
I fell in love with Minsk. It is beautiful, clean and modern.

Olga Chupova, “Narva” editor (Estonia):
Yesterday we asked a question to the head of administration about the methods of collecting rubbish. Minsk is a big city.

He said that it is clean not where they clean well, but where people do not make rubbish.

Sharif Khamdamov, head editor of “Tajikistan” newspaper:
Belarus became dear to me because my granddaughter entered one of the universities here last year.

And I have been here many times before.

One of the tasks of the media forum is to find out how to teach a reader to distinguish real information from lies.

Aleksei Volin, Deputy Communications and Mass Media Minister of the Russian Federation:
We need to tell people about the basics of information hygiene. Before we taught people how to wash hands before their meal or to have a shower before going to bed. In the same way we must teach people how to perceive information correctly.

 The information is aggressive and it will definitely be no less aggressive, we need to go along with it.

Another threat of the modern society is the absence of morality laws. Untruthful information sometimes stops from making the right decisions. It was emphasized by Alexander Lukashenko.

Alexander Lukashenko:
As a whole, the situation on the information field is not simple. Inaccuracy, manipulation of facts, falsehood leads to a distorted perception of events. Gradually, this involves public opinion and soon you cannot figure out where the truth and the fiction is. In these conditions, moral and civil reference points largely depend on you, professional, experienced journalists, on traditional press.

Therefore, the right decision is always important: rating or the truth, objectiveness or personal interests.

You know, I said it before but I want to say it once again. Some traditional journalists of traditional press are write about the most burning issues, which leads to untraditional journalism. You understand what I mean. Do not do it, please. Stay traditional in this life.

The congress will work until July 15.