Journalists share impressions about Belarus

Journalists share impressions about Belarus

Journalists have named Minsk a press center and the main information center of the Union.

Nelly Petkova, head of the external communications department of the Intergovernmental Foundation for Educational, Scientific and Cultural Cooperation of the CIS:
Minsk is place were journalist from the CIS meet annually. Minsk is a special city for us. Thanks to these journalist forums, we have a possibility to discuss our professional problems.

We have a possibility to discuss challenges of the sociocultural and political sector.

No one denies today that the mass media does not inform, but influence the public opinion and processes as well. The number of Russian mass media readers is more than 30 million people.

Reporters shared their first impressions about the meeting and Belarus.

Olga Chupova, editor (Estonia):
The main task of journalists is to form the public and their opinion. Journalists influence the readiness of people to influence of different relations of international level.

Sergei Tokarev, director general of a publishinhg house (the United Arab Emirates):
Despite the fact that there is no oil in Belarus, thanks to the hard work and approach of people to their land, Belarus for me looks no worse than Dubai, where I live. Wonderful architecture, many new buildings, everything is green. I am impressed.

Evelina Azaeva, editor (Canada):
I am impressed; it is my first time in Minsk. The city is very clean. In North America AND Europe, when you are driving from an airport, you usually see industrial parts of the city.

I asked whether it is your Rublevka. I was told that it was not.

New buildings, architecture. The country impresses, though it is not big and the economy is not big too. I think that citizens of the country should value it all.

After the plenary meeting, the panel sessions will begin. One of them is dedicated to the work of mass media in the digital reality environment. Today it is important to work out a mutual approach to combat threats, in order to make the information sector secure.

The next anniversary congress will be held in New York.