Belarus President: Moral guidelines largely depend on traditional press

Belarus President: Moral guidelines largely depend on traditional press

The President of Belarus took part in the opening of the plenary session of the World Association of Russian Press.

Alexander Lukashenko addressed the audience with a welcoming speech. The head of state recalled the responsibility of journalists to the audience for every word. It is especially important to remember the weight and importance of information to representatives of so-called "classic" journalism.

 От традиционной прессы во многом зависят нравственные и гражданские ориентиры

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
The media have always been called the fourth power. And you, as far as I know, agree with this. But today, given the degree of their influence on society, we can talk about a more significant role. Let us together argue over who is responsible for what is happening. Are there only politicians and statesmen?

The influence of us, the leaders of states, is of course enormous. In this regard, the responsibility for the public word grows for both the politician and the journalist. You, the media, write the history of the present, generalize phenomena and events, create a picture of what is happening (or, as is often said, a picture of the world). That is why the professionalism and civic responsibility of people from media acquires enormous importance. Of course, the reader needs sensations.

Newspapers, TV channels, Internet publications, especially in the modern world, largely survive at the expense of scandals, at times they are organized. Is the price of such approaches too high? The journalist's profession changed radically in the new technological conditions. There was a transition to a new system of creating and disseminating information, citizen journalism.

Now act almost any person who has a phone and access to the Internet can act as a mass media.

Inaccuracy, manipulation of facts, falsehood leads to a distorted perception of events. Gradually, this involves public opinion and soon you cannot figure out where the truth and the fiction is. In these conditions, moral and civil reference points largely depend on you, professional, experienced journalists.