Russian journalists to have tour of Belarus

Russian journalists to have tour of Belarus

On July 12, Minsk will become a large-scale discussion platform. The World Congress of Russian Press gathered journalists from more than 50 countries.

The pressing issue for printed editions is whether they can withstand the pressure of electronic media.

Yuri Oboznyi, Editor-in-chief, Russian Switzerland magazine:
Of course life is changing and in Switzerland a lot of people just look through electronic media on their way to work and so on. But we have chosen the printed format, because we think the printed form is more reliable and trusty. When it comes to Internet publications… yes people publishing information there can easily and quickly edit it but sometimes the aftertaste remains.

Sharif Khamdamov, editor-in-chief of a newspaper, Tajikistan:
Bloggers are non-professional people. They just publish their opinion without respecting the opinion of the public. But journalists do study the public opinions first and only then publish information. So these things are different. The opinion that journalism is dying is bluff.

Yulia Beshanova, CTV:
Minsk is hosting the World Congress of the Russian Press for the second time. This event is really significant in the world of mass media, besides it is one more opportunity for Belarus to remind the world about itself.

The forum participants expressed a desire to get to know Belarus closer.

They are going to visit large machine-building enterprises of Belarus. The journalists watched the presentation of the II European Games, which Minsk will host in 2019. This means that thousands of fans in fifty countries may want to visit Minsk during those days to enjoy the sports competitions. By the way, the Games are going to be covered by more than 1,200 journalists - this is the fifth of all the participants.

The days of the congress coincided with the Slavonic Bazaar festival in Minsk. The majority of forum participants are in favor of visiting it.