Belarus President: Minsk process should remain and continue more vigorously


Belarus President: Minsk process should remain and continue more vigorously

Belarus needs to tell the world about itself, said on July 11 the head of state.

Already in the first minutes of the meeting, Alexander Lukashenko marks the main priorities: we need to improve the efficiency of foreign economic activity, develop a new export strategy and increase export of services.

It is also necessary to take care of increasing the role of Belarus in world politics.

The countries of the Eurasian Economic Union and China are all traditional partners of Belarus. Nevertheless, the road to cooperation must be paved into European countries and the so-called "distant countries" . By the way, Belarus has already been noticed. This is confirmed by the large-scale world championships, and the session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly held in Minsk on July 5-9. Belarus is still a platform for conflict resolution in Ukraine.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Before the session the Belarusian side put forward the idea of ​​launching a new Helsinki process, a large-scale dialogue between the East and the West, aimed at overcoming existing contradictions between the states in the Eurasian region.

This step should not be taken as a loud international initiative for the sake of initiative.

It primarily reflects our assessment and concern about the negative trends in the development of regional processes. Recently, many people have appeared who wish to receive political dividends from participation in the process of settling the situation in Ukraine. In their opinion, the Minsk format is obsolete, and we can do without it. But in fact nothing new has been proposed.

Therefore, the Minsk process should remain, but continue more vigorously.

I ask you not to forget and to actively promote the Belarusian idea of ​​cooperation between various integration associations, without missing the Chinese component.

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