Photofact: Vyazynka celebrates Kupala’s anniversary

Photofact: Vyazynka celebrates Kupala’s anniversary

The 135th anniversary of Yanks Kupala was celebrated in his native place of Vyazynka in Molodechno district.

The world famous museum is located here, lovers of Kupala’s talent have been gathering here for 45 years now.

The current poetry celebration was special. Literature experts, critics, modern poets and lovers of poetry gathered here once again to listen to Kupala’s poems in connection with his anniversary.

Lilia Norka, director of Yanka Kupala house museum in Vyazynka:
Vyazynka is known, loved and it is easy to get to it. Different celebrations are held here. Students come here, future philologists come here from the beginning of spring. After that future ethnographers come here.

And the biggest event is the birthday of the poet.

Vyazynka is a special place. This is where the prominent Belarusian poet was born. The house where he saw light was turned into a museum in 1948. Now there are thousands of exhibits here and about 15 thousand people visit the place annually.