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Belarusian scientists develop anti electro and radiation screens

Such screens are used to eliminate influence of outside disturbing factors or noises on electronic appliances. It is not only to do with mobile phones.

The invention of Belarusian scientist will be able to protect electronics of planes, ships and military equipment. The Belarusian development is not worse than the analogues produced by the USA, Germany or Japan.

Aleksei Trukhanov, leading science specialist of the Scientific-Practical Materials Research Centre of NAS of Belarus:
We are developing a technology of getting multilayer film and composition materials for protection of different microelectronic equipment. Comparisons have been made with foreign analogues. It has been determined that Belarusian developments are no worse than the foreign analogues, and even exceed them at some point.

Another new invention of Belarusian scientists is nanobiosensor. For instance, the sensor will help to detect pesticides and nitrates in food products or even pathogenic cells in human blood.

Belarusian scientists develop  anti electro and radiation screens