Priorities of Belarus' foreign economic policy outlined


Priorities of Belarus' foreign economic policy outlined

Build equal relations with all foreign partners and advantageously use the improving of the world market situation were among the main requirements of the Belarus President. He outlined the main priorities of Belarus' foreign policy and economy on July 11.

More than 250 people are taking part in the meeting with the head of state. These are diplomats, including heads of many foreign missions, government representatives and business leaders.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
We cannot miss the moment when the situation in the world economy is improving. This is the time to promote our goods. At the same time, we must exclude the situation when we rush to where no one is waiting for us leaving the most profitable markets of the nearest countries.

I emphasize: Russia is our main trade and economic partner. Together we are developing common approaches to key tasks in the economy.

If Russians today say that embargoes and sanctions is actually a chance for their economy, you should understand this is also a chance for our economy, because our economic ties are very intertwined and cooperation is profound.

Without our goods, Russia will find it difficult to live and when they talk about import substitution, consider it a chance for import substitution in Belarus too.