Alexander Lukashenko: European market vital for Belarus

Alexander Lukashenko: European market vital for Belarus

The President of Belarus outlined the main priorities of Belarus' foreign policy and economy at a meeting on July 11. Addressing the participants of the foreign policy meeting Alexander Lukashenko stressed that today it is important to maintain positions both in the markets of traditional partners, including the EU, and find new arenas for Belarusian goods and services, including distant countries.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
Our neighbor - the European Union - is going through difficult times. Today, they have faced a number of serious challenges. But, I can assure you: the European Union will cope with these challenges. We must not miss the moment. It is necessary to "bite" into the European market, which is the most solvent and technological. And this is a task for everyone. The main role in promoting our economic interests belongs to Belarusian business entities. Their work must comply with current market conditions and requirements. With this in mind, it is necessary to build the whole complex of goods promotion: from certification and sales to the provision of warranty and other services.

I have already told the Minister of Foreign Affairs to control this matter strictly. Who prevents the Ministry of Industry from creating unified platforms for the implementation and maintenance of our equipment there? Why should MAZ, BelAZ, MTZ, Gomselmash and others create these enterprises separately? What for? Guys, you will be held accountable for this, both ministers and you. Probably you want to have more representative offices abroad? But it's too inefficient. Unite and it will be five times cheaper.

Alexander Lukashenko set a number of tasks for those gathered. Among them is to conduct an audit of enterprises that export major products, to think over mechanisms for protecting the domestic market, as well as to combat parallel imports. Attracting investors to the country was another topic. First of all, Belarus is interested in technologies and production facilities of the future.

Alexander Lukashenko:
We must strive to create joint ventures with the participation of Western capital. Implement advanced technology and experience. To introduce our exporters into international production chains of well-known European and world corporations.

Ambassadors together with the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Industry and other organizations should more vigorously attract investors with the most advanced technologies. Do you need new legislation? Make suggestions.

The government should conduct an export audit in all sectors. Determine who produces goods that are in demand in the world, and who are working ineptly to increase backlogs. This is the key to updating our plants. When modernizing with foreign investors' help we need to aim for the technologies of tomorrow instead of modernizing ineffectively when this modernization does not lead to economic benefits once completed. Investors will invest only in promising production facilities.

Speaking about this, I want to emphasize once again: I am waiting for a concrete report from the Presidential Administration, from the State Control Committee upon the completion of modernization at enterprises.

In addition to economics and politics, the theme of culture was raised. In particular, the return of Belarusian values ​​to the country was discussed.