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Yadviga Poplavskaya reads Alexander Tikhanovich’s farewell poem

Another birthday of another talented person of today – in a few days’ time. July the 13th is Alexander Tikhanovich’s birthday. Alexander Tikhanovich passed away at the beginning of 2017. The duet of Tikhanovich and Poplavskaya is now transformed into a duo of Yadviga Poplavskaya and Anastasia Tikhanovich. Mother and daughter openly spoke about their thoughts and feelings for the first time after Alexander Tikhanovich’s death in the interview to the program “Simple Questions”. It will be broadcast on July 13 on RTR-Belarus. Here is a small episode – a farewell poem of the People’s Artist of Belarus.

Yadviga Poplavskaya:
Two notepad pieces of paper. My husband’s handwriting resembled a doctor’s prescription. I read it and suddenly see that he remembered me in the poem as well. It was such a revelation, everything that came from his. I asked at a studio to reprint it for me.

I look into your eyes, God,
And the sleepless nights, God,
Disappear into the darkness,
Into the irretrievable distance.
Indeed precious is the moment, God,
To see your holy face, God,
And the nightmare leaves,
Dissolving sadness, God.
How wrong I was,
The years I lived, I was lost,
And didn’t see you,
Though you were there, God,
How thankful I am for your care,
For such a wife, who brought me back to life
And opened my eyes, so that I could see a different world,
Created by you, God.
If you can, forgive me,
Purify my sins.
I know that I don’t deserve it.
I ask the offended for confession,
And I ask for your forgiveness, God,
To see your holy face, God,
I stand on my knees,
I ask for forgiveness, God.


When I read the poem I thought what a deep soul my husband has.

Yadviga Poplavskaya reads Alexander Tikhanovich’s farewell poem