UNWTO Secretary-General about Belarus’ tourist potential


UNWTO Secretary-General about Belarus’ tourist potential

Hundreds of thousands of tourists will visit Belarus during the European Games. However, what else should be done to confirm the image of hospitality?

Taleb Rifai, UN World Tourism Organization Secreatry-General:
The image of Belarus has really changed. The world sees that in the last two-three years Belarus opens up a lot, and people look at it completely differently. If to compare it with 10-15 years ago, people began to feel, that they want to visit Belarus and now they can do it.

A full complex worked here. Political moments and the visa-free regime. I think that in order to attract more tourists it is necessary to increase the number of days within the visa-free regime. It is a lot more beneficial to attract tourists who will come for a longer period of time and who will then leave more money in the country. Electronic visas should be introduced. Anyone will them will be able to fill in the necessary information online. If Belarus does it now, it will then save lot of time in the future.

The infrastructure of Belarus permits to welcome five times more tourists than now. Invest in attracting tourists here now, and develop the infrastructure then.

Belarus can be proud of having several kinds of tourism. First of all it is eco-tourism. Nature and birdwatching are included into this kind of tourism. Belarus has everything to show. Because there is a certain category of people who travel to get acquainted with nature.

Cultural tourism is the second kind. Belarus has a rich history. The country is at the crossroads of the West and the East, which gives certain advantages. Gastronomic traditions and some kind of events can be included into this kind.

The third kind of tourism is medical tourism.

Many countries today can boast of having such beautiful nature, lakes, mountains, beaches, and nobody can say that we have people as in Belarus. Believe me, tourists will come to Belarus for smiles and experience. People must become the main symbol, the brand of Belarus.

The second component is the place. It is a big green carpet, full of water and forests. I think that it is an interesting point of view: Belarus-Bella-beautiful, because Belarus truly is beautiful. Slovenians use the word love in their slogan and people get tied to this feeling and begin to eel love to Slovenia. As for Belarus I would say the following: Belarus – simply beautiful.