Belarus President won first elections exactly 23 years ago

Belarus President won first elections exactly 23 years ago

23 years ago, on 10 July, the incumbent head of state - Alexander Lukashenko - won the first presidential election in Belarus getting over 80% of the vote.

The inauguration of the President of Belarus took place ten days later. Since that time, a new starting point in the sovereign history of our country has begun.

Year after year, the Belarusian village was revived under a special program. The government did not forget about the areas affected by the 1986 Chernobyl disaster. As a result, the production of potatoes, meat and milk on these areas is even more successful than in other CIS countries.

Over almost a quarter of the century, the second life was given to Belarusian machine-building giants.

BelAZ occupies about a third of the world market.

The plant even presented a unique development worthy of the Guinness Book of Records: a career dump truck with a payload capacity of 450 tons. There are no analogues to it in the whole world.

Minsk Tractor Works and Minsk Automobile Plants (MAZ) have established a dialogue with partners from at least 60 countries.

During all this time the social sphere has been working: investments are made in medicine, while youth and large families are supported.

On the international arena, Belarus is known as a donor of stability and security.

The country became a platform for the peaceful settlement of the conflict in Ukraine.

Belarus also supports the ideas of integrations. The country participates in the Belarus-Russia Union State, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and the Eurasian Economic Union.