Belarus presents defensive weapons at Independence Day parade


Belarus presents defensive weapons at Independence Day parade

The week started with a holiday: the Republic of Belarus celebrated Independence Day. The fireworks display and the parade were the traditional features of that day. Hundreds of thousands of spectators, hundreds of opinions and reviews. Most of people are enthusiastic about the day. Belarus also showed its military might and industrial potential during the parade. I looked at the faces of ambassadors of foreign countries during the parade. Their looks expressed respect, someone even envied, someone had irony - maybe it was a smell of the Soviet times (when couches, toilet bowls and sausages were displayed on vehicles). But the main thing is that Belarus has something to show the world! I will not call countries that are commensurate with Belarus, but apart from gay parades and the marches of the unemployed they would have nothing to exhibit! Anastasia Benedisyuk watched the parade with us.

Alexey Litvinchuk, guard of honor of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus:
The relatives did not come to the parade, but they watched it on TV. And immediately I called my mother, asked about her impressions. She said everything was very beautiful and that she was proud of her son.

Alexey Shumsky, test driver of Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant:
We had a box of seven cars, I was driving ahead. Honestly, when we were passing the stands I did not see anyone, because I had to hold the line. The only thing that I could see was how the planes were flying by.

Igor Demidenko, Acting Chairman of the State Committee for Trade and Industry:
The wingspan of this unmanned aerial vehicle is 11 meters, so wings were mounted already when the whole column arrived. There were some nuances but we made them invisible.

250,000 people gathered in one place near the stela Minsk - Hero City. We were all united by a common holiday - Independence Day. In the first row sit those who obtained this independence with blood and sweat.

The legendary T-34. The only iron eyewitness of Victory in 1945, it was able to take part in the parade in 2017. Then followed only modern machinery. There were tanks that hit the target located at least four kilometers away. Polonez anti-missile systems were also shown, because their range of fire is twice more than that of the Russian Smerch. The Volat vehicle was not presented to the public before the parade, with the exception of a military exhibition in Paris.

The prototype of Volat was the Russian Tigr. It transports 10 men at once, it protects from absolutely any small arms. Moreover, the car will not stop even with damaged wheels. From the standard personnel carrier MZKT made a vehicle for special operations forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Anastasia Benedysyuk, correspondent:
Six eight-ton Caiman vehicles, resembling awesome crocodiles, participated in the military parade on Independence Day on July 3.

Alexander Lankevich, Deputy Chief Designer, Repair Plant No.140:
I'm not the only parent of this Caiman (also spelled as Kaiman, Cayman).The entire factory worked on this project. It took more than a year. The vehicle is small in size, very passable. Bulletproof glass. According to the drivers who drove at the parade, they have very good reviews, you don't have to squint. It has water jet engines, which allow the vehicle to float and overcome water obstacles.

Igor Demidenko:
This is a kind of exam before the head of state, before our people. We should show what we produce, why our enterprises need. We are striving not only to be independent, but to count on our own resources. 95% of the components in our machinery are Belarusian.

By military parade Belarus shows how strong its defense is and this confirms its peaceful intentions. Diplomats were filming the procession on their mobile phones. One of them, Tokunaga Hiroki, put the photos and videos on his personal page several hours later.

Tokunaga Hiroki, Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Belarus:
In Japan, there is no such parade of military equipment. It was especially interesting to look at new cars and products.

Alexei Belyaev, political analyst:
This is an occasion to be proud of yourself as a people. If we take, for example, the existing traditions of the use of foreign military equipment, especially today in Western Europe, NATO troops march through their streets and capitals of cities to which they have no relation... It can be seen as a demonstration of certain aggression.

President Lukashenko also shared his opinion about the parade. The head of state personally controls the creation of all types of weapons, so "impressive" is a high score from the leader.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
This is a defensive weapon, we are not attacking anyone. But just know that if you want to compete with Belarus, we have these weapons.

Thousands of people gathered on July 3 at the stela "Minsk - Hero City" to watch the parade. Even more Belarusians watched the impressive picture on TV. The final chord of the day was the festive fireworks display, which painted the peaceful sky of Minsk. 30 volleys, just like in 1945 when Belarus was one of the victors in WWII.