Document on strengthening economic ties between Europe and Asia signed within OSCE PA


Document on strengthening economic ties between Europe and Asia signed within OSCE PA

The draft resolution was supported in the general committee on political issues and security.

The work of the OSCE Assembly summer session is continuing.

The mechanism of preventing attacks and extremism was suggested by the Russian delegates.

It is about strengthening criminal liability in terms of persons involved in terrorist acts.

The initiative caused extensive discussion in at the meeting.

Andrei Rybak, Deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus:
Many people quite often see in this violation of human rights.

 In certain cases these claims are made towards Belarus,

that Belarus does not allow or limits the rights of people, but we should always remember about the rights of other people, who must have the right on a comfortable life. When a certain part of the society does not consider these rights, a balance should be found.

The Silk Way support group has been created in the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly. Representatives of 17 countries, including Belarus, signed a document,

which is aimed at strengthening economic and logistic ties between Europe and Asia.

The member states look at this offer not only as a stimulus for trade development, but as a possibility to enrich one another culturally. The initiative to create a group belongs to Azerbaijan.

Azai Guliyev, OSCE PA Vice President:
The initiative for the majority of countries is not new. It has a new history which is two thousand years old. Its main aim is for the OSCE states to cooperate.

One of the 16 adopted resolutions is the resolution on Eastern Europe. A range of articles, dedicated to the situation in Belarus, can be found there.

According to the Foreign Affairs Department of the Republic of Belarus, this document is rather disputable.

The name of the resolution does not correspond to its contents. The summer session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly is held in Minsk for the first time. It is dedicated to mutual trust and cooperation in the name of peace and prosperity in the region.