President Lukashenko about revival of small towns and villages in Belarus

President Lukashenko about revival of small towns and villages in Belarus

President Lukashenko announced the concepts of Belarus’ further development, emphasizing the quality life conditions. Alexander Lukashenko went on a working visit to the Vitebsk region on July 7, 2017.

Beautification and social-economic development are at the center of attention.

Kopys, a small town in Orsha district, was one of the stops of President Lukashenko. Alexander Lukashenko emphasized, that other small town of Belarus should follow the example of Kopys.

During his visit to Kopys in 2016, Alexander Lukashenko set a task to put things I order in the small town.

It was decided to test the small town development strategy here. So that other regions follow the example of Kopys.

Architects worked on the project and thought what the local infrastructure lacks. Alexander Lukashenko was told about the results of the work on July 7, 2017.


Natalia Kosabuko, director of UE “Institute Vitebskgrazhdanproekt”:
As many as 20 kilometers of road was built with hard surface, paths, 23 kilometers of fences was changed. Something was cleaned and painted. Governors of all regions must come here and see the results with their own eyes.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
From next year very governor of every region must present two settlements like Kopys. We must bring them back to order. We show what villages or small towns should look like. With minimum expenses we need to create conditions, find perspective building sites. People will want to live here. Why not? It is beautiful here! And all small towns are like this. All small towns are in good places. They need to be preserved. Production.

It is not that you come and live, people need to work somewhere.

On the one hand Belarus has a large agricultural holding “Aleksandriyskoe”. It is a huge holding, with 15 or 18 thousand hectares of land, with good infrastructure, developed infrastructure. On this side of the Dnieper we are planning to create even a more perspective holding, 15-18 thousand hectares of land as well. It will be called Kupalovskoye. Kopys is located in-between them. Why not establish a processing plant here? Small departments, which will process meat, milk and so on.

As a result I am planning to create a perspective production line in the villages orientated at the best world standards,

and we will do it in these five years’ period. We are more than half way through. We need to finish this process.

Mikhail Rusyi, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
There is a dairy plant in Kopys, which processes 20 tons. It is a cheese plant. We are planning to modernize it, so that it will process about 200 tons of milk daily.


It is possible to unload Minsk only by creating all the necessary conditions for life in other places. Building accommodation in small towns and villages is considered by the project.

Alexander Lukashenko:
We mustn’t concentrate all the population in Minsk-it will be a tragedy for the country then. To spread producing powers all over the territory of Belarus, as they used to say in the Soviet times. However, it cannot be done like in the Soviet times,

we must create conditions for people, so that they come here.

Therefore there should be life here; there should be accommodation, where children will be and where these people will work. Production facilities need to be created.

The President was born in these places; he knows the life and the problems of the region very well. Therefore, it was decided to test the development strategy here.

The local hospital is being reconstructed. Raisa Belorusskaya lived in this area all her life. She says that being in the hospital now is like in a resort home.

Raisa Belorusskaya, resident of the village of Zubka:
The hospital is perfect. I have never seen hospitals like this one.

More than one million rubles were invested into the modernization of the hospital. The hospital is famous because this is where Alexander Lukashenko was born.

Alexander Lukashenko:
I remember it from my childhood. We always came here if we needed to see a doctor.

The President makes a stop near historical places. A long time ago there used to be a castle here. Today tourists can freely come to the place and enjoy the beauty of the place.

Alexander Lukashenko:
It used to be a live spring, we used to catch fish here all the time, some houses can be built here and it will be beautiful. But beautiful houses must be built, because it is a place that people will see.

This is the place to which locals came to ask the President some questions.

Alexander Lukashenko:
We now have a task of how to develop the country. How to populate it, and decide where people should live. Of course, people will live in Minsk; the city has a program and problems of its own, which we solve. Surely, people will live I regional centers.

It is natural, that districts, there are more than 100 of them, will exist as well.

District centers od Orsha, Shklov and so on. We have decided on the issue as well, and in the majority of cases we put things right there as well. It took even less than it did in Kopys. However, we understand what needs doing in district centers. How many small towns are there like Kopys? There might be 60 or 70 of them. In my opinion people should live in such settlements.

This was the idea of Alexander Lukashenko and it proved its right to live. The aim of this idea is to create all the necessary conditions for those, who want to live or establish a business in ecologically clean regions of Belarus, in peace and quiet and enjoy the nature of the country.