Alexander Lukashenko speaks to locals during working visit to Vitebsk Region

Alexander Lukashenko speaks to locals during working visit to Vitebsk Region

The prices on medication in Belarus will be reconsidered. This was stated by President Lukashenko during his working visit to Kopys on July 7, 2017.

Hundreds of people gathered near the Petrovsky Val castle to ask the President questions.

Locals shared their impressions with the Independence Day parade in Minsk as well.

Did you like the changes in your small native land? You pay a lot of attention to the problems of small towns. And what is the potential of such settlements in the future.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
The main aim of such small towns and agro towns, we will try and keep people there. To create good working places and to build accommodation, this is what we are doing. Belarus will develop then. Naturally, districts will not be neglected, they will develop. Production facilities have been set up in most places.

New production facilities will be created here.

You know that a few years ago I signed a decree and we created unique conditions for the development of production line (for business, as they say it now) in these towns. People don’t pay taxes here at all, who create working places here. Therefore, we pay a lot of attention to this issue.

We often say that Belarusian youth is wonderful. However, it is not the youth that used to be some years ago. It exceeds us in a lot of issues and understands more. You see that the future century is a century of smart technologies. Nevertheless, there are things that worry me. They do not know what to plough land is, how it should be done. Even village residents do not know much about it, agricultural universities prove the fact. The youth of today is different.

We need to do everything possible so that the future generations will not sit on the computers only.

It is very important for us.

Belarusian pharmacists produce analogues of foreign medication. Some Belarusian medications cost more than foreign ones. Is the government planning to take the issue into consideration?

Alexander Lukashenko:
As many as six years ago Belarus produced about 18% of medication, the rest was bought from abroad. It worried me a lot; therefore a task was set for the government.

In the last five years Belarus started producing 55-56% of its own medication.

However, the source materials, the substances, are bought from India and other countries. And on the basis of these materials Belarus produces medication. The issue of the price on these substances should be brought up. Today Belarus produces about 40% of medication worth no more than two rubles. Under 1 dollar. 40-38% of the medication is in average worth less than one dollar. 30% of medication produced is worth fewer than 2 dollars. The rest of the medication is worth less than 5 dollars. And only 10% of medications are very expensive, and it is very difficult to control the price. It is either the substance that is expensive,

or we buy imported medication and you will not put a price of your own on them.

I speaking about the prices of medication, I swear, the cheapest medication is in Belarus, because we control the prices. However, if the issue has been raised, that the medication in Belarus is expensive, it means that there are problems. I promise: tell the government to analyze the situation and then tell me what the expensive medication is.

I will once again consider the pricing factors.

What did you like at the parade most of all?

Alexander Lukashenko:
I asked to show the power of the Belarusian Army, so that people see and made a conclusion that there is something that will protect them. Them, their children and so on.

As a whole I enjoyed the parade, but there was nothing new for me there, because I created it all with my own hands.

Not alone, but together with you. Polonezes, modernized tanks, combatting vehicles. Everything has been modernized in Belarus. The combatting vehicles may seem small but it is the most necessary in modern war. A lot is being said about the new sector of military industry- rocket building. If you want somebody to be afraid of you…. What to be afraid of? So that no one would even dare thinking about war actions against us, rockets are necessary. We thought about creating such a sector for a long time, but we did it in one year and a half.

It is only the beginning: we will create powerful arms to guarantee security. Your security.

Everything is understood with the military issue. What about the civil part? Everything you saw at the parade has been created in the last years of sovereign and independent Belarus. But it looked impressing. They say that it looked even more impressing on the TV. Civil technologies are only a small part of what Belarus produces today.

What are the perspectives of this year’s harvest? Will there be bread in Belarus?

Alexander Lukashenko:
At the moment this year is not bad for agriculture, especially for breads. Especially where a lot of effort is put into it. Therefore, if everything is done well in terms of technology there, if the seeds are good and so on. The land in Belarus is good everywhere. The land is the best in Belarus and the crops are good.

Grains are very good this year.

They are not how due to the cold weather conditions. The roots developed well. The grasses of the first cutting were weak, especially the cereal cuttings were. But now after these rains, it was cool and the grasses are good. Those who did everything correctly will get a good harvest. It means that there will be milk and meat; There are no problems at the moment.

I promise you +30º within the week.

Yes, a cyclone is approaching Belarus and the temperature will reach 30º. We will be fed up with the heat. I said it before that I am a winter person. This weather is my weather.

The conversation of the President with the people turned out to be very friendly and honest. It couldn’t be any different. The locals consider Alexander Lukashenko their countryman and are used to open discussions with him.

I was very interested to hear about the revival of villages, agro villages and Belarusian culture.

You see it for yourselves what a wonderful country Belarus is.

A lot was said about production facilities. People need jobs, When there is work there will be money. When there is money there will be life.

I live in a village and I have everything, though I am 70 years old.