Alexander Lukashenko about development of small towns in Belarus

Alexander Lukashenko about development of small towns in Belarus

Alexander Lukashenko articulated the concepts of Belarus’s development, emphasizing the quality life conditions of people. On July 7, 2017 President Lukashenko went on a working visit to the Vitebsk region and visited the small town of Kopy in Orsha district.

Social and economic development of the region and the beautification of the small town were in the center of attention. President Lukashenko visited these lands in 2016 last.

Since then a lot has been done in Kopys: the hospital and the kindergarten have been refurbished, plants have been modernized, and new playgrounds have been built. Alexander Lukashenko says that other settlements should follow the example of Kopys.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
To plan from the center, To have all the governors here. The task is to have as many as two small towns like this one in every region every year. Everything will be brought to order in five years’ time. Not forgetting villages, former centers and no perspective ones as well. This is the development conception for Belarus. We mustn’t concentrate all the population in Minsk-it will be a tragedy for the country then. To spread producing powers all over the territory of Belarus, as they used to say in the Soviet times. However, it cannot be done like in the Soviet times, we must create conditions for people, so that they come here. Therefore there should be life here; there should be accommodation, where children will be and where these people will work. Production facilities need to be created.

Alexander Lukashenko visited a hospital and the Petrovsky Val castle in Kopys. He also spoke to the locals and the residents of the nearby settlements. Alexander Lukashenko shared his thoughts on what future awaits small towns. In five years’ time everything must be put into order there, just like in Kopys.

Alexander Lukashenko:
These unique nature places must be brought back to life again. Only people can do it. People must build accommodation here, but they will live here only when there will be work, good and reliable work, when there will be production facilities. This small town must live.

Knowing every meter of Kopys, I understand myself what this small town should be like and what Belarus should take as an example. A decision has been made today that all regional governs must presents two small towns like Kopys to the President every year. Then in five years’ time small towns will be brought to order completely. As for the accommodation, decisions have been made as well. There are free plots of land; there are about 100 of them. If a person will want to buy a plot of land here, and it will cost small money, event not for money may be, let it be 50 cents, two or three rubles, a person must buy it, and it will be his private land for the rest of his life. A person can come and see for himself, 15-20 hectares of land, and then he will want to build a house here. Please, buy this land. It is a perspective of accommodation. And not only a person. OJSC “Aleksandriyskoye” builds accommodation at the expense of the plant ant the employees. Or some one of you might want to live and work in this house. It is up to the employer and the person, who will live there. This is what concerns accommodation.

Production must be developed as well. People will come and build accommodation and they will need somewhere to work. We are considering it, there are certain plans on developing cheese production, but it has to be something new. Not traditional cheeses, something needs to be producing so that people will be queueing up and will want to buy these products.

During the conversation there were many questions. People were interested in prices on Belarusian medication, in the forecasts of this year’s harvest and in the opinion of the President on the parade on Independence Day. A lot was discussed about small towns.