President visiting Vitebsk region July 7

President visiting Vitebsk region July 7

On July 7, the President of Belarus is making a working trip to the Vitebsk region. Here, Alexander Lukashenko is visiting a small town of Kopys, Orsha district. The focus is on the socio-economic development of the region, the improvement of the town as well as the work of local agricultural enterprises.

The President visited these lands in November 2016. Back then the head of state announced a number of instructions on creating a kind of agrarian holding company on the basis of several farms. The President also instructed to give a new appearance to these territories.

Today a lot has been done in Kopys: the local hospital was overhauled, the kindergarten was modernized, and new playgrounds were built for kids. As the President emphasizes, such urban settlements should be an example for all regions.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Plan from the center. Bring all governors here. The task: two such urban settlements in each region every year. In this very way: two every year. During the five-year plan we will put everything in order. In parallel finish building and developing agro-towns. And do not forget the villages, former centers and unpromising villages.

Alexander Lukashenko is also visiting the facilities under renovation in Kopys. Special attention is paid to the precinct hospital, Petrovsky Val and the embankment of the Dnieper River. It is also expected that the head of state will talk with the residents of the town.

In February 2017, the general plan for the development of the Kopys town was approved. It provides for the renovation of the road network, the construction of homestead houses, the development of social sphere, and the modernization of enterprises.