What changes await Orsha after the President's decree?

What changes await Orsha after the President's decree?

The Belarusian city of Orsha will receive a second life. According to the decree of the President order should be brought here in the near future: create jobs at unprofitable enterprises, provide people with jobs and increase their income level.

Today Orsha is a big junction of railroads and highways linking Europe, Russia and Ukraine, for which it was dubbed the "Eastern Gate".

Orsha Tool Plant is once a city-forming enterprise. After a long pause, serious work began here again - the sales of products have been adjusted and the plant is gradually paying off its debts. But without modernization the plant will hardly reach new heights.

The plant's goods are in demand. Every year Belarus gets tens of millions of dollars thanks to the sales of these products. To replace imports and leave foreign currency in the country, the state will invest in the Orsha enterprise.

Oleg Smirnovsky, Deputy Chairman of the Orsha District Executive Committee:
At the level of ministries - industry and agriculture - decisions were taken on how to further build the strategy so that affordable jobs are available to ensure that people receive decent salaries.

New jobs and a good salary is not enough for a comfortable life. People need housing and infrastructure.

This new Orsha neighborhood has grown literally in a few years. There is almost everything from shops to the school. The only thing people were lacking was the kindergarten.

 какие изменения ждут Оршу после указа Президента

Alena Klimitskaya, a resident of Orsha, a young mother:
The nearest kindergarten is more than 2 kilometers apart. And when they open this kindergarten, it will be convenient for us to take the child from there.

Maria Luchkina, a resident of Orsha, a young mother:
We really liked our new kindergarten. We are very grateful to everyone that the kindergarten is located in our area.

The new kindergarten will open on September 1. Groups for two hundred children are formed. Orsha kids will swim in the beautiful pool and attend training and computer classes.