Topic of emergence of new psychoactive substances very relevant for OSCE, Belarusian MP says

Topic of emergence of new psychoactive substances very relevant for OSCE, Belarusian MP says

Minsk became the center of international diplomacy these days. The 26th summer session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly is held in the Belarusian capital. On July 7, the participants have another busy day, a number of meetings are planned, which will last until late evening.

Belarus prepared for discussion at the current session several initiatives at once. Among them is the launch of a new Helsinki process and the fight against the emergence of new psychotropic drugs.

«Сегодня тематика появления новых психоактивных веществ, является очень актуальной для всех стран – участниц ОБСЕ»

Valery Voronetsky, chairman of international affairs commission of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus:
Today, the topic of the emergence of new psychoactive substances is very relevant for all OSCE participating countries. And given that our country in this respect has very good experience, best practices, of course, we saw that we can really suggest this topic, which will be supported by all participating countries. And judging by the reaction that we have today, it is really supported.

Minsk hosts for the first time the forum, which is very important for the political world. Guests from almost 60 countries came to Minsk. The largest delegation came from the United States. The President yesterday met with the group of American congressmen.

The parties discussed a number of important topics, including the development of Belarusian-American relations. According to Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus and the USA should continue dialogue on sensitive topics in a constructive manner, moving towards active cooperation. In turn, the head of the delegation, Roger Wicker, assured that the relations with Belarus will become an important part of US foreign policy.