US Senator: Relations with Belarus is important part of US foreign policy


US Senator: Relations with Belarus is important part of US foreign policy

At the 26th OSCE Parliamentary Session, Alexander Lukashenko met with a group of American congressmen. The meeting lasted more than an hour.

The proposal of Alexander Lukashenko to resume the international dialogue - at the Helsinki-2 platform - was approved by the majority of participants in the session in Minsk.

 очень важная часть нашей внешней политики – взаимоотношения с Беларусью

Roger Wiker, a member of the US Senate:
We were very pleased with your statements yesterday at the opening session. I can speak on behalf of all members of our delegation and the Parliamentary Assembly as a whole. I see certain opportunities for cooperation with the new administration of Mr. Trump. I see excellent opportunities for positive changes and new joint achievements for the United States of America and the Republic of Belarus. Economic and internal issues after the elections in November received a certain priority in the USA. However, we are gradually turning our eyes to foreign policy, and a very important part of it will be the relationship with Belarus.

In the past few years, Minsk and Washington have restored a certain level of political trust. But decades of sanctions have become years of missed opportunities for Belarusian-American relations. Alexander Lukashenko is ready to make up for this time and suggests removing the barriers in the relations.

During the meeting, the sides discussed normalization of bilateral relations and participation of the American side in the liquidation of the consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster back in 1986. American congressmen asked about the position of President Lukashenko on how to resolve the Ukrainian crisis? The US senators highlighted the role of Belarus and thanked the President for participating in the peaceful settlement of the Donbas crisis.