Belarus President to USA delegation: We are ready to listen to any proposals and even criticism


Belarus President to USA delegation: We are ready to listen to any proposals and even criticism

Alexander Lukashenko met with a group of American congressmen from the largest delegation of the 26th session of the OSCE Parliamentary Session. As many as 35 delegates from the United States are taking part in the important international event. Such interest cannot be called incidental, the President stressed.

 мы готовы выслушивать любые предложения, замечания, даже критику

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
The United States Congress not only pays great attention to the work of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, but, probably, shows interest in Belarus. The leadership of your state after the November elections last year expectedly focused on the internal affairs in the country - above all, the economy and the social sphere. This is natural, this is the task of any president. Nevertheless, the foreign policy of the new administration is gradually taking shape. I believe that the foreign policy approaches of Washington to Belarus will soon be formulated. In this context, the visit of such a representative delegation of the United States acquires special significance. It will allow us to frankly discuss the pressing issues of our relations.

We are ready to listen to any suggestions, comments, and even criticism. I mean substantiate criticism on your part. We will also be very frank in our position towards the United States of America.

We have many common questions. This includes ensuring global regional security, preventing the illegal transit of nuclear materials, combating high-tech crime, engaging in science, culture, and others.

It is necessary to continue to conduct a constructive dialogue with the United States on sensitive topics. Time has shown that this is an effective mechanism to converge positions and eliminate existing differences between our countries.

We must move forward: from mutual claims and demands to active cooperation. We must learn to perceive what is happening in our countries in a broad regional and global context. Of course, it is not easy to do, but we must set for ourselves precisely constructive goals.