Belarus to propose resolution against psychotropic drugs at OSCE PA session in Minsk


Belarus to propose resolution against psychotropic drugs at OSCE PA session in Minsk

Belarus will present a draft resolution on combining efforts in the fight against psychotropic substances on June 6 at the summer session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly. The representative forum continues in Minsk. Participants will have a busy day.

In the morning President Hotel has hosted a plenary meeting. At these moments it is about to end. In just half an hour, discussions will begin at the meeting of the Committee on Democracy, Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs.

For the first time does Minsk take this most important political forum. More than 600 parliamentarians from almost 60 countries arrived in Belarus. Foreign guests note that Belarus has established itself as an effective negotiation platform.

Zuzka Bebarová-Rujbrová, Member of the Parliament of the Czech Republic:
I am very glad that this session is taking place here in Minsk, because the OSCE is an organization in which deputies from different countries meet and jointly decide on matters of peace, terrorism etc... In the past, we took great steps to bring Asia and Europe closer. Belarus has helped greatly in resolving the crisis between Russia and Ukraine.

Беларусь представит проект резолюции по объединению усилий в борьбе с психотропами на сессии ПА ОБСЕ

Olga Popko, Deputy Chairwoman of the Standing Committee on International Affairs, House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus:
Today, the main informal meetings will take place, which will allow us to advertise our resolution. This is a very urgent issue. It is about the spread of psychoactive substances. Our initiative is aimed at ensuring that countries develop legislation that stops this negative phenomenon.

Belarus also suggests launching a new Helsinki negotiation process that will determine the safe future of the entire European community.

This is what President Alexander Lukashenko spoke about yesterday at the official opening ceremony of the summer session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly in Minsk. Belarus is ready to become a launching pad for such a process.

The large-scale forum will continue in Minsk until July 9. The Minsk Declaration is expected to be its outcome.

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