Alcee Hastings at OSCE PA: Helsinki 2 may be possible


Alcee Hastings at OSCE PA: Helsinki 2 may be possible

Belarus suggests launching a new Helsinki negotiation process that will determine the safe future of the entire European community. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko proposes to start a discussion and find a model of such a dialogue acceptable for all parties.

The Belarusian leader spoke about this at the opening of the summer session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly in Minsk. Belarus is ready to become a launching pad for such a process. Now our country stands for the creation of a group of like-minded people. And the OSCE area can be very effective here.

 предлагаем начать в рамках ОБСЕ дискуссию о необходимости нового Хельсинкского процесса

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
We suggest starting in the framework of the OSCE a discussion on the need to organize a new Helsinki process. Ultimately, such a process would facilitate the conclusion by some of the world's leading powers of a global document. It would put an end to the long-overdue Cold War, excluding the possibility of its renewal and growing into a more tragic form. It would designate a strategic vision for new constructive relations in the OSCE region. It is important to define common principles and goals that are consistent with all, aimed at strengthening confidence at least in the political and military spheres. Among them there may be a pooling of efforts in the fight against terrorism, reducing tensions and preventing military escalation, coordinating actions to adjust migration processes and ensuring cybersecurity.

These days in Minsk almost 700 politicians and experts from about 60 countries are discussing the architecture of pan-European security and the strategy of responding to modern challenges and threats. The initiatives of Belarus and the issues that our country proposes for discussion at this site are well received by the participants in the discussion.

Alcee Hastings, representative of US delegation to the 26th session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly:
Alexander Lukashenko spoke about Helsinki 2. This is something that can be developed. I am sure there will be discussions on this matter.

The summer session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly will continue its work in Minsk until July 9. Its outcome is expected to be the Minsk Declaration.