OSCE PA in Minsk: What will be discussed?


OSCE PA in Minsk: What will be discussed?

Minsk serves as a good platform for discussing international problems, said participants of the summer session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly which is being held in Minsk these days. The official opening ceremony of the session has been already held today. Delegates from 57 countries will sit at the negotiating table soon.

A total of almost 700 distinguished guests are in the Belarus capital these days. 

President Alexander Lukashenko participated in the forum too and welcomed the forum participants calling on them to destroy some established stereotypes about Belarus. 

The agenda of the session is determined by the current world situation. The most acute issues were prepared for discussion: terrorism, cyber security, and protracted conflicts.

More than 50 journalists are following the discussions, including the CTV crew.

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Andrei Belyaev, political analyst:
Today we see that Belarus is such a wonderful negotiating platform on a whole range of conflict issues, for instance the settlement of the Ukrainian conflict. Belarus' position does not change under the influence of external factors, it remains fundamental, which is why, apparently, the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly session is held in Belarus.

Olga Petrashevskaya:
Almost 600 politicians from almost 60 countries have already arrived in Belarus. As a result they are expected to sign the Minsk Declaration - a document in which they will prescribe how the parliaments of dozens of countries will conduct themselves in the field of political issues, economy, security, environment and human rights.

The declaration will include additional resolutions, which parliamentarians initiate independently. 

Belarus has also initiated one. It has prepared a resolution on the control of psychoactive substances since Belarusian specialists have extensive experience in countering drug trafficking.

Before the forum, the president of the Parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE, Christine Muttonen, suggested that the session create an ad hoc committee on combating terrorism. This initiative was supported on July 5.

The guests of the representative forum will not only work in Belarus. A lot of tours have been prepared for them. A lot of parliamentarians came to the forum with spouses so they will definitely want to see Belarusian castles in Mir and Nesvizh as well as taste the local cuisine and appreciate beautiful nature.

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