OSCE's Christine Muttonen meets with Belarus President


OSCE's Christine Muttonen meets with Belarus President

European security architecture has faced a serious crisis. This was stated by Alexander Lukashenko at the plenary meeting of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly summer session.

Speaking about security, Alexander Lukashenko emphasized that the European region has found itself in the epicenter of problems.

The main aim of the summer session is to strengthen mutual trust and cooperation in the organization’s region.

Alexander Lukashenko met with the leadership of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly. President Lukashenko said that the organization can count on Belarus as a donor of security in the European region and expresses a thought that the role of the OSCE in resolving conflicts must be strengthened, and the discussion of issues should be carried out not only on the level of deputies.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic o Belarus:
The OSCE is unique. I suppose that it must react to topical moments in our region, and react on the highest o levels, on the level of country leaders’. However, a lot of negative things happened in Europe lately. And what is the reaction of the heads of states? No reaction whatsoever. War is in Europe and no one is reacting.

It means that there are problems in the organization.

It concerns us more, it cannot be said about deputies, who regularly hold sessions and regularly discuss the existing problems within their powers. I would like the deputies to lead us to the discussion of these topical issues.

The meeting of the OSCE leaders was a necessity to discuss very important and serious problems.

If this issue finds development during the OSCE Parliamentary Session in Minsk, I will be very grateful. I think that it will be beneficial or our region.

Christine Muttonen, chairwoman of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly:
As parliamentarians, we hold an active position, openly discuss problematic issues. Another issue we have to fulfill is to establish a platform so that governments could continue dialogues on topical issues.

Today we clearly understand that parliamentary diplomacy must actively develop.

Today blockades o dialogue rom the certain governments are seen. Therefore, we are very happy to hold another session of the OSCE in Minsk, because the parliamentary delegations o Belarus in Minsk has always been active.