Belarus President to OSCE MPs: Let's reject established stereotypes


Belarus President to OSCE MPs: Let's reject established stereotypes

The European security architecture has faced a serious crisis, said President Alexander Lukashenko at the plenary session of the summer session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly. Covering the OSCE events in Minsk are over 50 journalists, including the CTV Channel.

Olga Petrashevskaya, Stolichnoe Televidenie:
The official opening ceremony of the session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly took place. I would like to remind you once again why so much attention has been focused on this forum.

More than 600 politicians from 57 countries gathered in Minsk. During a few days, parliamentarians will, in effect, determine the way for dozens of countries to solve pressing problems in economy, security, politics and a number of others. The result will be the Minsk Declaration. This will be a document that will list how national governments respond to challenges and threats.

President Alexander Lukashenko took part in the opening of the forum.

The head of state, among other things, touched upon security in Europe, spoke out about the disputes over the construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant, and drew attention to the ambiguous assessment of the elections. In addition, the head of state highly appreciated the opportunities of such a representative platform.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Finally we have time to address the most serious problems that cannot be postponed and that are simply urgent. These are the problems of illegal migration, terrorism, drug trafficking, human trafficking, air pollution, the atmosphere, climate warming and our inadequate actions in relation to these problems. And many, many others. If we do not solve these problems in time, they will generate more serious problems. Thus these problems will require huge money to deal with. Therefore, these problems must be solved in time.

Olga Petrashevskaya:
Addressing the participants of the political forum the head of state noted that he would like to use this high rostrum of international importance, including in order to pay attention to some of the issues that the whole world today is worried about.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Dear high meeting. As practice shows, parliamentarians are more flexible in decision-making and are not limited to the scope in which the executive branch finds itself.

Inter-parliamentary contacts are the nutrient environment where important and constructive solutions are found, which allow overcoming interstate differences and contradictions. Therefore, Belarus has done everything possible to successfully conduct the session and the most comfortable stay of all its participants on the Belarusian land. I hope that you will use this opportunity to push the solution of these processes.

I am sure that having visited Belarus, you will break some established stereotypes.

And maybe you will re-discover this part of the all-European home, our common home. I am sure that today's meeting will give a serious impetus to realizing the potential of the OSCE's parliamentary component.

Dear friends. I was perhaps somewhat undiplomatic and very sharp when exposing some of the problems that confront us.

But the Parliamentary Assembly is the best place for this, since you are deputies and deputies will never ignore these problems, will discuss them and, if necessary, will act accordingly. That's why I used this rostrum in order to point out those problems and those issues that just lie on the surface. There are deeper problems and we, Europeans, will have to solve them too.