OSCE Parliamentary Assembly to open in Minsk July 5


OSCE Parliamentary Assembly to open in Minsk July 5

The main political event of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the summer session, opens on July 5 in Minsk.

Belarus is hosting such an even for the first time.

The main goal of the meeting of parliamentarians and delegates from 60 countries is to strengthen mutual trust and cooperation in the organization's region.

 5 июля в Минске открывается 26 летняя сессия Парламентской ассамблеи ОБСЕ

Christine Muttonen, OSCE Parliamentary Assembly president:
There is a lot of work to be done; we will communicate a lot with our Belarusian parliamentary colleagues. We do not need to build trust, because it already exists. We have passed this process.

We will be happy to exchange ideas with our colleagues, are happy to work together.

Minsk long ago became a platform where issues of peace-building are discussed.

Key themes of the session will be terrorism, cybersecurity, protracted conflicts, climate change, as well as migration and strengthening of the OSCE's human rights mechanisms. The forum in Minsk will last until the end of the week. Its result will be the Minsk resolution - a kind of strategy for parliaments and governments of states in the economic, political and humanitarian spheres.

Filippo Lombardi, deputy chairman of the Political Affairs Committee of the Swiss Parliament:
It is very important that Minsk became a platform for such a forum. I appreciate this role that Belarus plays in establishing peace in Europe, as it often acts as an intermediary in resolving important issues and conflicts. And I hope that this role will grow. Switzerland will continue to support Belarus in all its endeavors.

We hope that our cooperation will only grow.

Andrei Rybak, member of the delegation of the Republic of Belarus at the 26th session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly:
The session's agenda includes various issues, from political to economic ones. This is an analysis of the situation in various regions of the OSCE countries, and the development of "green economy", and many other issues that really greatly affect the security of the OSCE countries.

Participating in the opening session of the OSCE PA session will be the Belarus President. Alexander Lukashenko will meet with the OSCE leadership.